I am NOT a starving artist, but I am hungry.  My hunger is for creating art, and  teaching others about it. I was born and raised in Jacksonville Florida. My first memory of drawing was at the age of three. I remember drawing on walls, in books, and on grocery bags. My early inspiration was the Road Runner. In Jr. High and High school, comic books were my focus.  My Jr. High school art teacher Mr. Capshaw introduced me to the color wheel (with the use of color pencils) and shade value. Ms. Baker, my High school art teacher further developed my talent  and took me to my first art show. I have taken many art classes over the years, and I must say, that those two public school art teachers influenced me the most.  
     My favorite art period is the Italian Renaissance. I love the energy, strength and and religious themes. Michangelo is my favorite artist.  You will find a lot of his influence in my work. This is why my style is a mixure of Italian Renaissance, African American and Religion.
    While in college, I became interested in painting, so I chose Studio Art as my minor. I prefer painting large pictures,  which is why I like murals.  
     Blaylock Creations was established in 2010.  This venture promotes my creative process and my need for self-expression  while allowing me to share my talent with the world. My goal is to continue growing as a person and as an artist; Because creating art and touching lives is my passion.

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